Information Security

Information security refers to the protection of information in terms of availability, integrity, and confidentiality and is not limited to information stored in the IT systems. All valuable information, regardless of how it is available or stored, should be protected. This not only includes privacy-sensitive information, but also research data and copyrighted material.

The CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is discussed in more detail below.

Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

The aim of the NHL Stenden Computer Incident Response Team is to contribute to appropriate security of the IT facilities of NHL Stenden.
The NHL Stenden CSIRT coordinates the prevention and resolution of security incidents in the field of computer and network security at NHL Stenden. The NHL Stenden CSIRT does this by offering the following services:

  • Coordination of security incidents: Setting up and maintaining an operational contact point for security incidents; coordinating and monitoring their adequate handling, including escalation to the line organisation or the Executive Board.
  • Providing information about the prevention of incidents and current threats. This also includes forwarding warnings from other CSIRTs and informing the institution’s management of national or large-scale malware outbreaks and the relevant actions required at NHL Stenden.
  • Advice with regard to NHL Stenden IT security aspects and security policy. NHL Stenden CSIRT can provide solicited and unsolicited advice to help solve or reduce NHL Stenden-specific security problems.

Members CSIRT team as per July 2018

Only publicly accessible members are listed below (alphabetically by surname), the other members can be reached via

  • Hendrik Bijlsma (lecturer)
  • Freerk Bosscha (Corporate Security Officer)
  • Finn van Damme (Incident Manager/Functional Manager)
  • Jouke Jan de Jong (Functional Manager)
  • Johan van der Ven (Technical Manager/Security Officer DLWO)

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